maNEWfacturing | bits & atoms

How Smart Collars will spark the revolution of manufacturing?

Our analysis of enabling technologies for smart factories and manufacturing relies on a taxonomy that defines the Bits’ world, made of information goods, data, cloud technologies, and the Atoms’ one, related to physical aspects of production and human-machine interaction.

Several companies have already developed tecnhologies that belong to on of these two classes. Let’s provide some relevant examples:

Bits. In the context of smart data collection and interaction, SIGFOX is an operated telecommunication network, dedicated to the Internet of Things. It is a LPWA (Low-Power Wide-Area) network that permits bidirectional communication, both from and to the device.

Atoms. With regard toadvanced robotics, Amazon Robotics is already using mobile robots in warehouses. They are able to move in an efficient way, following bar code stickers on the floor, able to reach the target location and to pick a selected item.

A coordinated usage of smart technologies of the two classes could guide a rapid revolution in the manufacturing sector, with the following creation of a interconnected and efficient global industrial ecosystem.


Inside a smart warehouse


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